Meeting documents

Council (TDC)
Wednesday 17 December 2008

Full Council

17 December 2008 14:00

Council Chamber, Teesdale House, Galgate, Barnard Castle DL12 8EL
Committee Administrator
Democratic Services Officer
Tel. 01833 696294


The minutes of this meeting will be available for viewing 10 working days after the meeting.


Procedural Items

Before proceeding to the business items, the Committee will consider a number of procedural items. These will include for example the recording of apologies from Councillors and disclosure of Councillor and Officer's interests. Please contact the Committee Administrator for further details.

Business Items

Item No. Business Item Title Report No.


Full Council Agenda
17 December 2008

Adobe PDF Logo Full Council 17 December 2008 (23K)


Council Minutes
    22 October 2008

Adobe PDF Logo Council Minutes 22 October 2008 (26K)


Committee Minutes
Overview & Scrutiny
Audit & Governance
Grants Sub-Committee
Parish Forum

Adobe PDF Logo Executive Committee 3 November 2008 (21K)
Adobe PDF Logo Executive Committee 1 December 2008 (26K)
Adobe PDF Logo Overview & Scrutiny Committee 12 November 2008 (23K)
Adobe PDF Logo Audit & Governance Committee 17 November 2008 (13K)
Adobe PDF Logo Planning Committee 29 October 2008 (26K)
Adobe PDF Logo Planning Committee 26 November 2008 (50K)
Adobe PDF Logo Standards Committee 15 October 2008 (17K)
Adobe PDF Logo Grants Sub-Committee 3 November (14K)
Adobe PDF Logo Parish Forum 20 October 2008 (39K)


Local Policing Priorities
Stakeholder Consultation

Adobe PDF Logo Local Policing Priorities Report (32K)
Adobe PDF Logo Local Policing Priorities Appendix 1 (102K)


Partnership Update
    December 2008

Adobe PDF Logo Partnerships Report December 2008 (26K)
Adobe PDF Logo Teesdale Partnership update report (25K)
Adobe PDF Logo Rotters update report (15K)
Adobe PDF Logo County Durham e-government partnership update report (12K)
Adobe PDF Logo 2D CVS update report (33K)
Adobe PDF Logo Environment Agency update report (26K)
Adobe PDF Logo Groundwork West Durham update report (32K)
Adobe PDF Logo Housing Benefit Shared Services update report (11K)
Adobe PDF Logo Teesdale Housing Association update report (22K)