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General Licensing and Registration Sub-Committee (2)

This page lists the meetings for General Licensing and Registration Sub-Committee (2).


Information about General Licensing and Registration Sub-Committee (2)

The General Licensing Sub-Committee (2) is made up of 5 Members of the Council.


It is a Sub-Committee of the General Licensing and Registration Committee and its main functions within the area it is responsible for are to:-


1.         To discharge the Council’s licensing, registration and regulatory functions in relation to


·              hackney carriages and private hire vehicles

·                    market and street trading

·                    zoos and dangerous wild animals


2.                  Power to make an Order identifying a place as a designated public place for the purposes of police powers in relation to alcohol consumption.


 3.        To pass a resolution that Schedule 2 to the Noise and Statutory Nuisance Act 1993 should apply in the Council’s area.



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