Agenda item

Sustainable Community Strategy - Report of Assistant Chief Executive


The Council considered a report of the Assistant Chief Executive which provided details of amendments made to the Sustainable Community Strategy (SCS) 2014-2030 and sought delegated authority for future amendments (for copy see file of Minutes).


Councillor Martin referred to the projected population figure for County Durham of 560,700 by 2030 quoted in the SCS and queried why this differed to the figure quoted in the emerging County Durham Plan and also the estimated figure produced by the Office of National Statistics (ONS) which was 549,000.  Councillor Napier, Deputy Leader of the Council replied that while some ONS estimates were not always correct, the estimates would be re-examined.  The Assistant Chief Executive added that the estimate quoted in the emerging County Durham Plan was based on the Plan being agreed and increased employment being generated within the County, which would increase the population figure.  The Assistant Chief Executive informed Councillor Martin that she would supply him with a full report on this issue.


In response to a question from Councillor Hopgood, the Assistant Chief Executive confirmed that is there were any substantial changes made to the SCS through her delegated authority, Members would be advised of these.


Moved by Councillor Napier, Seconded by Councillor Stephens and



That the County Council:

(i)              Note the amendments to the Sustainable Community Strategy detailed at paragraph four of the report

(ii)             Agree that any future changes to the SCS 2014-2030 version be delegated to the Assistant Chief Executive through delegated authority.

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