Agenda item

Risk Register Update 2014/15

Joint Report of the Corporate Director of Neighbourhood Services and the Corporate Director: Resources / Treasurer to the Joint Committee.



The Principal Accountant asked Members to note the Risk Register Update 2014/15 report, the Joint Committee considering updates on a 6 monthly basis.  Members recalled that the report set out Strategic Risks and Operational Risks with risks regularly reviewed by the DCC Risk Management Team and the Bereavement Services Manager. 


It was noted that the risk identified as Risk 19: “Loss of Knowledge and ability to cover existing workload through staff loss”, a consequence of the retirement of the Superintendent and Registrar had been closed September 2014.  It was added that Risk 3 in relation to “Impact on staff morale due to uncertainty over job evaluation and single status” would be removed, as single status had now been implemented.


It was explained that of the main risks that remained, such as “ICT and Power Failure”, plans were in place to best mitigate any problems that could arise.  Members learned that the operational risk that had an outstanding action, in relation to “limited space in the office area” was set out within the appendix to the report.




(i)       That the Members of the Central Durham Crematorium Joint Committee note the content of the report and the updated position following the September review.

(ii)      That the Risk Registers are kept up-to-date and continue to be reviewed by the Joint Committee on a half yearly basis, the next one to be completed in September 2015.


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