Agenda item

Internal Audit Charter

Report of the Chief Internal Auditor and Corporate Fraud Manager.


The Chairman introduced the Audit and Fraud Manager, Stephen Carter who was in attendance to speak to Members as regards an update to the Internal Audit Charter (for copy see file of minutes).


The Audit and Fraud Manager reminded the Joint Committee that the Internal Audit Charter had last been updated in January 2014 to reflect the changes in Public Sector Internal Audit Standards and working standards.  Subsequent to further guidance updating proper practices underpinning the Accounts and Audit Regulations (England) 2011, Members were asked to note changes reflected in the Internal Audit Charter as attached to the report.  It was explained that the main differences were the removal of “Full Assurance” and “No Assurance” from the Assurance Ratings, the remaining ratings being: “Substantial”; “Moderate” and “Limited” and changes to priority ratings to now be set out as: “High”, “Medium” and “Best Practice”.




That the Members of the Central Durham Crematorium Joint Committee approve the revised Internal Audit Charter.

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