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Agenda item

Traffic Speeds - South Road, Durham


The Chairman noted that Councillor D Stoker had approached him with a matter concerning traffic speeds at South Road, Durham.  Councillor D Stoker thanked the Chairman for the opportunity to update Members of the Joint Committee on this issue.


Councillor D Stoker noted he was the Local Member for the area that included Durham Crematorium, located off South Road, Durham.  Councillor D Stoker added he had been active over the last 2-3 years in respect of attempting to reduce traffic speeds along South Road, noting the current speed limit was 40mph.


Members were reminded of the layout of the road, namely the blind turn when approaching from the direction of the New Inn and a hump in the road, with a curve in the road when travelling in the opposite direction.  Councillor D Stoker noted there had been several accidents on this stretch of the road and that he had spoken to Durham County Council Officers in relation to the dangers of fast moving traffic coming upon slow moving funeral corteges approaching the Crematorium.


Councillor D Stoker noted that calls for a reduction in the speed limit had been refused 2 years ago, however, in light of approved development at the former Mount Oswald Golf Course he felt that it may be appropriate for the issue to be revisited.  Councillor D Stoker reminded Members that there were several properties and entrances along this stretch of road, including: the Botanical Gardens: Park and Ride facility; Durham High School; Durham Crematorium; in addition to 3 entrances to the new estates being built.  Councillor D Stoker asked, if the Joint Committee was so minded, whether a letter of support from the Joint Committee in favour of a reduction in the speed limit along this stretch of road may help highlight the issue.


Councillor N Foster offered the view that the Joint Committee ought not to initiate the process and that there were appropriate processes to be followed in respect of proposals for changes to speed limits, and representations could be made if the Highways Authority were to choose to consult on any proposed speed limit reductions.


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