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Agenda item

Forward Plan 2015/16

Report of the Treasurer to the Joint Committee / Corporate Director:



The Joint Committee considered a Report of the Corporate Director Resources and Treasurer to the Joint Committee which set out proposals in respect of the Forward Plan of meetings of the Joint Committee for the municipal year 2015/16.


The Head of Finance – Financial Services advised that the list of business to be conducted by the Joint Committee was not exhaustive and further items of business may be considered throughout the course of the year.  It was added that the meeting in September 2015 was proposed to be held on 23 September, to avoid the ICCM Learning Convention and Exhibition 2015 as mentioned at Item 10, and held at 5.30pm at Durham Crematorium, South Road, Durham, to afford Members the opportunity to view the completed Crematorium Improvement Works.




That the proposed schedule of meetings as set out in Appendix 2 of the report be approved.


Supporting documents:


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