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Additional Financial Information – Applications for the Early Release of Pension Benefits


The Human Resources Advice and Support Manager advised that at previous meetings of the Committee Members had asked for additional financial information to be included in reports for applications for the early release of pension benefits on compassionate grounds, in order to assist the Committee in making decisions. Members were informed that advice had been sought from the Legal Section who had advised that this would require a change to the criteria agreed in 2009 and consent from the individual to divulge their financial information to the Committee. Currently decisions were made based on the cost to the Council whilst taking into account the hardship of the individual and the legal advice was for this not to change to ensure uniformity of decision-making, and to prevent the creation of a subjective element to the criteria.


Having heard the legal advice Members were of the view that the additional financial information would assist Members in their determination of the circumstances of the individual in line with the existing criteria which they did not believe would need to change. It was suggested that the Legal Officer be invited to the next meeting to discuss the matter further.




That the information given be noted and the Legal Officer be invited to the next meeting of the Committee.