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Agenda item



The Minutes of the meeting held on 15 September 2016 were agreed as a correct record and were signed by the Chairman.


Matters Arising from the Minutes


(i)            Applications for Early Retirement and/or Voluntary Redundancy for Council Employees (minute numbered 6 refers)


Members were informed that following further clarification the employee at paragraphs 25-27 in the report had withdrawn from the interview process. 


(ii)          Additional Financial Information – Applications for the Early Release of Pension Benefits on Compassionate Grounds (minute numbered 9 refers)


Bryan Smith, Legal Manager Litigation was in attendance to respond to the Committee’s request for additional financial information to be included in the report in order to assist decision-making in respect of applications for the early release of pension benefits on compassionate grounds.


 The Officer advised that in 2009 Human Resources Committee had      been granted authority to deal with applications based on set criteria. Criteria (a) to (d) related to the individual’s personal circumstances and only (e) referred to financial information; the cost to the Council in granting the request. The Committee had authority to exercise discretion against this established criteria and in doing so the Committee should remain objective. Seeking additional financial information from the applicant would add a subjective element to the criteria.


Having discussed the matter with Officers he suggested that it may assist Members if the report included the base pension benefit figures for granting a request with or without reductions, and this would fall within existing criteria (e).


Members welcomed the proposal to include the additional information which the Committee had requested previously. Members considered that applications were determined objectively in line with the criteria but this addition to the report would assist the Committee in making informed decisions.




That the additional information as outlined above be included in future reports to the Committee.



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