Agenda item

Applications for Early Retirement and/or Voluntary Redundancy for Council Employees


The Committee considered a joint report of the Corporate Directors Adult and Health Services, Regeneration and Local Services and Resources, and the Human Resources Advice and Support Manager regarding applications for Early Retirement and Voluntary Redundancy (for copy see file of Minutes).


In response to a question from Councillor Armstrong in respect of the applications at paragraphs 2-5 in the report, the Member was informed that the leaving dates of the employees had been staggered to ensure continuity of service.


Following a question from Councillor Thompson with regard to the employee at paragraphs 6-8 in the report, the Committee was informed that there were other services located in the buildings to be vacated by the Team, and savings would be accrued from the realignment of staff from three buildings to one. The HR Business Lead, Adult and Health Services advised that she would provide details to the Member. Councillor Brown noted the minimal cost for the early access to pension and was informed that this was due to the age of the employee, who at 62 was close to being eligible for the receipt of pension benefits without reductions.


Councillor Armstrong queried the leaving date of 31 March 2017 in respect of the employees at paragraphs 13-16 in the report and was informed that the restructure of the service was ongoing and would be completed by this date.  The Member was also informed that the application was not linked to MTFP savings; the service was undergoing a restructure as a result of a diminishing demand for the service and the post would be permanently deleted from the establishment.  


With regard to the application at paragraphs 17-20 in the report Councillor Brown pointed out that paragraph 18 made a general statement about the impact changes to the NPPF and Welfare Reform measures would have on Councils in terms of affordable housing provision, when this was not the case for all local authorities.  




That the cases of Early Retirement and Voluntary Redundancy be noted and agreed with effect from the dates shown in Appendix 1.