Agenda item

Appointment of the Chairman for the ensuing year


The Clerk to the Joint Committee asked for nominations for Chairman to the Joint Committee for the ensuing year noting that the terms of reference would normally require this to be the outgoing Vice-Chairman, however, the previous Vice-Chairman was not returned at the recent elections.  It was added that, wherever possible, the Chairmanship and Vice-Chairmanship alternated between the two constituent Authorities.  As last year Durham County Council held the Chairmanship and Spennymoor Town Council held the Vice-Chairmanship, the position of Chairman would be for a Spennymoor Town Council Member.


Accordingly, Town Councillor L Maddison was proposed for the position of Chairman to the Joint Committee for the ensuing year.  No further proposals were made. 




That by unanimous agreement, Town Councillor L Maddison be appointed Chairman for the ensuing year.



COUNCILLOR L Maddison in the Chair