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Agenda item

Update on the Health and Safety Service

Member briefing by the Occupational Health and Safety Manager



The Committee received a presentation from the Occupational Health and Safety Manager that provided an update on the Health and Safety Service (for copy see file of Minutes).


The presentation highlighted the following points:-


·         2016/17 end of year headlines

·         Activity in 2017/18

·         Health and Wellbeing

·         Water Safety

·         Legal Update

·         Looking Ahead


Referring to the 17% reduction in accidents and near misses compared to the 5% increase in total days lost for accidents, Councillor Wilkes asked why there appeared to be this discrepancy.  The Occupational Health and Safety manager advised that people were off work longer however work took place between the manager and HR to help and support people in returning to work.  He would provide further details following the meeting.


Councillor Atkinson made reference to the Survey on Stress and asked how this was managed.  The Occupational Health and Safety Manager advised that the Health and Safety Executive toolkit was used.  He added that there were six known causes of stress in the workplace – demands, control, support, relationships, role and change. Questions would be asked to ascertain what had happened in the workplace to cause stress and the set questions from the HSE would help determine and measure the levels of stress.  The authority also benchmark against other comparable authorities.




That the update be noted. 


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