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Agenda item

Annual Report 2016-17 - Report of Police, Crime and Victims' Commissioner


The Panel considered the Annual Report of the Police, Crime and Victims’ Commissioner for 2016-17 (for copy see file of Minutes).


The PCVC presented his report to the Panel which included key achievements, the Police Crime and Victims’ Plan, highlights of 2016-17, commissioning services, resources and looking ahead to 2017-18 and beyond.


Mr Cooke referred to the Council Tax Precept figure shown on Page 17 of the Annual Report which had an error and needed to be amended.  Mr Cooke also referred to 20 m.p.h. speed limits on roads which did not appear to be policed and which attracted anger from other motorists when being observed.  The PCVC replied that if Mr Cooke had areas of concern regarding the 20 m.p.h. speed limits he would look at these and work with local communities.


Councillor Scott sought clarification on restorative justice and asked whether this took place after a case had been taken to court but before sentencing or before charges were made.


The Chief of Staff replied that an effective restorative conference could only take place with the agreement of both parties.  Restorative approaches dealt with low level issues and all police officers were trained in restorative approaches.


Councillor Scott referred to recent public concern in Darlington about policing of the travelling community and the lack of information being fed back from the police to the public.


Councillor Hovvels informed the Panel that feedback was important, as was open communication with communities.  The PCVC added that often public perception differed from reality and he would seek more information from Councillor Scott outside of the meeting.


Councillor Smith referred to the 25% increase in victim based crime during the year ended 2016/17 and asked whether this increase was due to changes in recording criteria.  The PCVC confirmed that in the past there had been no obligation to record harassment, which was assault without injury, as a crime, however there was now an obligation to do so.



That the report be noted and that comments of the Panel be provided to the PCVC in follow-up correspondence.

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