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Licensing (Policy) - Fee Setting for Sex Establishments and Sexual Entertainment Venues


The Committee considered a report of the Corporate Director of Adults and Health Services which asked the Committee to adopt on behalf of the Council the proposed new fees relating to the licensing of sex establishments and sexual entertainment venues (SEVs) (for copy see file of Minutes).


Members discussed the proposed fee.


In response to questions from Councillor L Brown, the Licensing Manager informed the Member that the fee calculation was mostly based on personnel costs and as salaries had increased by 1% the decision had been taken not to allow for inflation, given that the fee must be cost neutral and the variable factors associated with granting a licence.  With regard to the proposed enforcement charge which Councillor Brown felt was low at £64, the Committee was informed that because SEVs were closely scrutinised, premises of this type tended to be very low risk in terms of enforcing the regime.


Following a question from Councillor Batey, the Licensing Manager confirmed that the costs associated with advertising and consultation on receipt of an application were costed in the fee.


Councillor Clarke made the point that administration costs associated with a hearing could potentially be high. The Member was informed that calculating the cost of a hearing was very difficult given the number of variable factors to be considered and Democratic Services had been unable to provide a precise figure. £250 was therefore a best estimate.


Councillor D Bell noted that the cost estimate detailed in Appendix 2 was based on an application for a venue in 2012, and following a question from the Member the Licensing Manager confirmed that the proposed fee was based upon current salary figures.  




That the proposed Sex Establishment Licence fee to include all forms of regulated sexual entertainment be approved as follows:-


Cost of application                                                                              £3453

Routine Monitoring and Enforcement Costs upon grant                         £64  

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