Agenda item

RE Discovering Middlesbrough


The Chairman introduced Ms Surtees from Acklam Grange School who had been invited to give a presentation on the work she had done with pupils in her school on Religious Diversity.


Members were shown the website that the students had developed on REdiscovering Middlesbrough which was located on the webpage for Acklam Grange School.


The website included an online map of the places of worship in Middlesbrough, past and present. For each place of worship on the map there was a link to resources created by Acklam Grange students, which were also available via You Tube.


Members were advised that it was a group of four students who started the project in year 7 and who were now in year 10. One student had recently interviewed his grandad which was videoed and they were going to include this onto the website.


The school had applied for further funding for the project from NASACRE but were unsuccessful.


Following the presentation, Members were giving the opportunity to ask questions.


The Chairman thanked Ms Surtees for her very informative presentation.