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Agenda item

Applications for Early Retirement and/or Voluntary Redundancy for Council Employees


The Committee considered a joint report of the Corporate Directors of Adult and Health Services and the Human Resources Manager regarding applications for Early Retirement and Voluntary Redundancy for Council employees (for copy see file of Minutes).


Councillor Wilkes referred to the applications at paragraphs 6-9 in the report and noted that all the employees were female. The Member was concerned that this would affect the male to female ratio not only for the Service but across the Authority. The Member was also concerned about the potential impact of the loss of 12 experienced members of staff on future service delivery.


The HR Manager explained that the Service had been under review to realise savings required in accordance with the Medium Term Financial Plan. At the point that the applications were reported to Committee the Service had undergone a rigorous process to ensure that there would be no adverse impact on service delivery.


In terms of the male to female ratio, Councillor Clark advised that the Service was made up of mostly female employees as it was difficult to attract male applicants to these positions. As all the employees in the report were female this would in effect improve the male to female ratio. 


In response to the Councillor’s comments about the impact on service delivery, and to a query from Councillor Henderson, Councillor Clark advised that this was a referral-led service which had seen a reduction in demand, and Durham County Council was not the only provider in the market place.




That the cases of Early Retirement and Voluntary Redundancy be noted and agreed with effect from the dates specified in the report.




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