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Agenda item

Improved Access to Psychological Therapies Model Development


The Committee received a report of the Director of Corporate Programmes, Delivery and Operations that provided an update on the current developments in relation to the proposed expansion of the Improving Access to Psychological Therapies Model, the national strategic direction of travel and planned engagement on the proposed expanded model (for copy see file of Minutes).


The Chairman asked why no consultation was required and what the impact was for CDDFT with the change in contract.  The Director of Corporate Programmes explained that this development of a new model was about enhancing the service.  It was about expanding and not reducing the service and expanding the IAPT targets using the resources available.  Therefore there were no changes other than improvements.  TEWV were the lead provider and sub contracted this service to CDDFT and at a market development session providers would have the opportunity to show how best to achieve the targets.  He confirmed that the award of contract would depend on the outcome of the process.


Mrs Hassoon was assured that any contact would not necessarily be by telephone and any concerns raised at an assessment would be followed up.


Councillor Temple felt that there was a contradiction in the report as at paragraph 12 it was noted that the workforce were not trained to provide IAPT modalities and at paragraph 23 it stated that proposed future modelling to expand IAPT services would not present significant change.  He asked why there was no need for the process of scrutiny.  The Director of Corporate Programmes explained that in relation to paragraph 12 this referred to the talking changes element not meeting standards currently and this was being addressed.  The practice based element contributed towards IAPT therapies and if not trained or able to deliver this would be taken out of the IAPT provision.  The new model would build in capacity whilst building in lower level counselling.


The Chairman asked that the Committee be provided with a post implementation report to prove what had been carried out to improve access and the quality of the service.  The Director of Corporate Programmes said that he would be happy to report back as this would be the outcome that would be hoped to achieve.


Councillor Patterson expressed concerns about patients who had to travel and she asked for assurances that they would still be able to access services locally.  She was advised that IAPT outreach and delivery would be based around Teams around the Patient and a core element of that would be to provide wrap around primary care.



(i)            That the report be received;

(ii)          That the required next steps and timescales be noted;

(iii)         That the proposals for developing an expanded IAPT model across a collaborative CCG footprint be noted;

(iv)         That the pre-engagement already undertaken, and planned further engagement on the proposed model during Spring 2018 be noted;

(v)          That the view that a formal consultation process is not considered necessary to progress the development and re-procurement of the IAPT-LTC model be noted;

(i)            That the CCGs bring a post implementation update report to a future meeting of this Committee demonstrating how the service improvements expected to be delivered under the revised IAPT model are being achieved. 



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