Agenda item

Quarterly Performance and Operational Report

Report of the Bereavement Services Manager.


The Bereavement Services Manager, Graham Harrison asked Members to note the performance figures from 1 April 2018 to 31 May 2018 and the comparison to the same period for 2017, highlighting that there was a net increase of 69 cremations year on year.  It was noted there was a total of 444 for the three month period with the April to May profile breakdown showing 139 from Durham, 23 from Spennymoor and 282 from outside of the area.  It was noted that Office of National Statistics data had also shown an increase in the death rate nationally in this period.


Members were asked to note that the number of memorials sold was fewer when comparing to the same period the previous year, with those sales representing a decrease of income, being £6,043 less than the comparable period last year.


The Joint Committee noted that the Business Administration Apprentice position had been advertised at Durham County Council, Spennymoor Town Council and via the National Apprenticeship website, and the Bereavement Services Manager noted that a shortlist of 8 applicants had been produced and those invited to interview.


The Joint Committee noted that the usual arrangements as regards attendance at the Institute of Cemetery and Crematorium Management (ICCM) Learning Convention and Exhibition, to be held 1 to 3 October 2018 in Oxfordshire, had been made for the Bereavement Services Manager and the Chairman.


Councillors noted that the Recycling of Metals Scheme had generated a sum of £5,000 for the Marie Curie and that a cheque had been presented to the charity by the Chairman at the time, Councillor L Maddison.


It was added that additional funds from collections in 2017 resulted in an extra round of nominations and therefore an additional cheque in the sum of £5,000 was available for Cruse Bereavement Care, arrangements to be made with the Chairman and Vice-Chairman as regards presentation to the charity.


The Vice-Chairman asked if there was any further information in terms of the new crematorium being built at Castle Eden.  The Bereavement Services Manager noted that works had begun on construction, however, he had no further updates at this time and would look to come forward with further information at future meetings.




(i)                                                    That the current performance of the Crematorium be noted.

(ii)                                                   That the situation with regards to the Business Administration Apprentice post be noted.

(iii)                                                  That the attendance of the Chairman and the Bereavement Services Manager at           the Institute of Cemetery and Crematorium Management (ICCM) Learning      Convention and Exhibition 2018 be noted.

(iv)                                                 That the distribution of recycling income to the respective charities be noted.



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