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Agenda item

Unclassified Petterson Dale, Traffic Calming - Report of Corporate Director of Regeneration and Local Services


The Committee considered a report of the Corporate Director of Regeneration and Local Services regarding representations received in respect of a proposed scheme of traffic calming speed humps within Petterson Dale housing estate in Coxhoe (for copy see file of Minutes).


The Strategic Highways Manager informed the Committee that the estate provided access to just under 200 properties and a food store.  Concerns had been expressed by local residents of the inappropriate vehicle speeds of motorists and the potential for an incident involving one of the many children that cross the road to access properties.


The proposal would see the introduction of five 75mm high round top speed humps spanning the width of the carriageway between the kerbs. The humps would be provided at suitable spaces to promote and maintain low vehicle speeds.


The Committee then viewed a presentation detailing the following:


·         location of Petterson Dale;

·         current speeds and accident data; and

·         proposed location of traffic calming and road hump locations.


(for copy see file of Minutes).


The Strategic Highways Manager informed the Committee that a consultation had been undertaken with all affected properties (185) and the statutory consultees. The return rate for responses was high with 50% of properties providing a response. Of the responses received, 49 (53%) were in favour and 44 (47%) were against the proposals. Some of the comments did not refer to the scheme and some comments fell outside the scope of the consultation. The objections detailed in the report were summarised for the Committee.


In terms of the responses made regarding vehicle speeds, the Strategic Highways Manager informed the Committee that there had been two slight accidents in 2014. Neither incident was speed related.  Any warning signs referring to traffic calming would be strategically placed and well away from the frontages of any properties.


Councillor S Dunn, local Councillor placed on record his thanks to local residents for engaging and responding to the consultation.  Councillor Dunn explained that the development naturally attracted many vehicle movements arising from residents and delivery vehicles.  The speed of traffic travelling through the area was of concern and had been for a lengthy period of time.


Councillor Dunn also felt that the responses could be grouped into differing categories, explaining the importance of distinguishing those responses which were valid objections, those which fell outside of the scope of the consultation and those which should not affect consideration of the matter.


Councillor M McKeon, one of the other local councillors for the area explained that the strength of feeling from local residents on an extremely emotive issue had persuaded her to provide financial support towards the scheme.


Councillor J Turnbull whilst not objecting to the scheme, had concerns relating to emergency ambulance vehicles having to negotiate a number of full length road humps. Councillor Turnbull was aware that certain conditions and injuries made it impossible for the ambulance service to transport a patient in an emergency vehicle over road humps.


The Strategic Highways Manager informed the Committee that the road hump design was in accordance with national standards and if negotiated correctly, would not cause a problem. There was an acceptance that certain illnesses and injuries could have an effect on the way a patient was transported, however it was felt that such instances would be few and far between. The emergency services also accepted that the Council would install road humps which may cause minor difficulties, however, this was balanced with the notion that safety for road users and pedestrians was ultimately being improved.


Councillor Milburn seconded the proposal.



That having considered the objections, the Committee unanimously agreed to recommend the introduction of a traffic calming scheme as detailed in appendix two of the report given the proposal would provide an improvement in road safety for local residents.

Supporting documents:


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