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Agenda item

Fishburn Parking and Waiting Restrictions Order 2018 - Report of Corporate Director Regeneration and Local Services


The Committee considered a report of the Corporate Director of Regeneration and Local Service regarding objections received to a consultation concerning a traffic regulation order in Fishburn (for copy see file of Minutes).


The Strategic Traffic Manager informed the Committee that the council were committed to regularly reviewing traffic regulation orders to ensure that restrictions held within them were relevant and appropriate.


The Committee were informed that in 2013, the crossroads were subject to a road safety audit due to the volume of traffic accidents in recent years. There had been five accidents in five years prior to the audit taking place with six causalities being involved. The accident statistics were sufficient enough to warrant some form of intervention measures. The Committee were also informed of the ongoing road safety issues generated by vehicles parking on both sides of the road between a stop line and a traffic island.


The Strategic Traffic Manager then provided a presentation to the Committee which provided background to the measures previously introduced in the area in 2013. The presentation also provided images of some of the road safety issues occurring in the area (for copy see file of Minutes).


The affected frontages located on Fishburn crossroads and all statutory consultees had been informally consulted on proposals to introduce waiting restrictions on the C26/B1278 crossroads in November 2017.


Two objections had been received, both from local businesses. The location of one business, on the corner of the junction, had proved problematic. One of the objectors explained that the introduction of parking restrictions would have a detrimental impact on their business by restricting parking for both staff and customers. The other objector felt that the restrictions were a waste of taxpayers’ money and that funds should be used to create additional parking facilities in the village. The objector had been advised that the creation of additional parking facilities was outside the scope of the consultation.


As a result of the statutory consultation process, the area Traffic Engineer recommended the inclusion of a prohibition of loading as well as waiting to prevent parking (including disabled badge parking), boarding/alighting and loading/unloading.


The Committee then listened to representations from a Member of Fishburn Parish Council. The Councillor explained that there had been many ‘near misses’ with alarming regularity at the location concerned, however, the parish council appreciated that the incidents would not be captured during the accident data. The parish council had also received constant complaints from local residents and felt that the only solution to the problem was the introduction of parking restrictions. Comments regarding the lack of parking in the immediate area had been noted, however, there was no vacant land to give consideration to the creation of a parking area.


The Strategic Traffic Manager explained that all parties were in agreement that the introduction of parking restrictions in the area were long overdue.


Councillor Turnbull moved the recommendation contained in the report and asked if the restrictions, if introduced, would be targeted for enforcement given that some road users would attempt to ignore the restrictions. In response, the Strategic Traffic Manager confirmed that targeted enforcement would take place.



That the Committee set aside all objections and endorse the proposal to proceed with the implementation of the Fishburn parking and waiting restrictions Order 2018, with the final decision to be made by the Corporate Director under delegated powers.

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