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Agenda item

DM/18/00080/FPA - Land North of St. Ives Place, Murton

24 no. bungalows, 4 no. dormer bungalows and 22 no. two storey houses (50 dwellings).


The Senior Planning Officer, Barry Gavillet, gave a detailed presentation on the report relating to the abovementioned planning application, a copy of which had been circulated (for copy see file of minutes).  Members noted that the written report was supplemented by a visual presentation which included photographs of the site.  The application was for 24 no. bungalows, 4 no. dormer bungalows and 22 no. two storey houses (50 dwellings) and was recommended for approval, subject to conditions and a Section 106 (s106) Legal Agreement as set out within the report.


The Senior Planning Officer, BG noted the site had been cleared around 25 years ago, with housing on the site previous to this, and was bounded on the south, east and west by existing residential dwellings.  He explained a hedgerow to the north of the site would be retained and there were no objections from statutory or internal consultees, save the Education Section noting a lack of school places in the area, with a contribution in relation to school places therefore being set out as part of the proposed s106 Legal Agreement.  Members noted that the s106 Agreement would also seek contributions towards the Durham Coastal Management Plan and provision of play facilities within the Electoral Division.  It was noted that the application was for 100% affordable housing.


The Senior Planning Officer, BG informed Members there had been three letters of objection with concerns including: traffic; loss of open space; there already being too many houses in the area; and not being sufficient school places.


It was explained by the Senior Planning Officer, BG that the application was acceptable in principle, being in a sustainable location on a previously developed site.  He added that it was felt there would not be impact in terms of residential amenity and highways and that the issue in terms of school places was dealt with by way of the s106 contribution, noting the figure being subject to a viability appraisal, checked by the Council’s Assets Section.  Members noted the 100% affordable provision, with a large number of bungalows and that the recommendation was for approval.


The Chairman thanked the Senior Planning Officer, BG and asked Councillor J Maitland, Local Member for the Murton Division to speak in relation to the application.


Councillor J Maitland noted that she, and her fellow Divisional Member, Councillor A Napier, supported the application.  She added it was great that there was a good provision of bungalows within the application, effectively doubling the provision within Murton and reiterated that she supported the application.


The Chairman thanked Councillor J Maitland and asked Mr J Brooks, Agent for the Applicant, to speak in support of the application.


Mr J Brooks noted he was from Indigo Planning Consultants and represented the Applicant, the County Durham Housing Group (CDHG).  He noted the benefits of the scheme had been set out by the Senior Planning Officer, BG as well as the rationale for a recommendation for approval.  He noted that the application had received no objections from statutory and internal consultees, and that the application was in accord with the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) and was not resisted by the saved Easington District Local Plan in terms of the land use.  He reiterated the points previously mentioned in terms of: 100% affordable housing provision, provision of bungalows; surrounded by existing housing; greater than minimum parking provision; and quality design incorporating wheelchair user adaptable standards.  Mr J Brooks concluded by noting the s106 contributions and that he asked the Committee to approve the application for quality, affordable housing for County Durham as per the Officer’s recommendation.


The Chairman thanked Mr J Brooks and asked Members of the Committee for their comments and questions.


Councillor O Temple noted he too supported the application, however, asked for clarity in terms of statements at paragraph 64 of the report relating to an Inspector expressing reservations in terms of housing supply calculations.  The Solicitor – Planning and Development, Clare Cuskin noted that there had been a number of Appeals Decisions that had contradicting views, however notwithstanding the latest Government policy was such that the Authority could demonstrate a greater than five year housing supply and therefore the Officer opinion was that they did not agree with the Inspector in this regard.


Councillor A Laing moved that the application be approved, she was seconded by Councillor G Bleasdale.




That the application be APPROVED subject to the conditions and s106 Legal Agreement as detailed in the Officer’s report.


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