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Agenda item

DM/18/01745/OUT - Land and Buildings West of Hallfield Drive, Hall Walk, Easington Village

Residential development (outline, all matters reserved).


The Senior Planning Officer, BG, gave a detailed presentation on the report relating to the abovementioned planning application, a copy of which had been circulated (for copy see file of minutes).  Members noted that the written report was supplemented by a visual presentation which included photographs of the site.  The Senior Planning Officer, BG advised that Members of the Committee had visited the site and were familiar with the location and setting.  The application was for residential development (outline, all matters reserved) and was recommended for approval, subject to conditions and a Section 106 (s106) Legal Agreement as set out within the report.



The Senior Planning Officer, BG noted some amendments to the conditions as set out within the report:  the s106 contribution to be “£323.92 per dwelling”; and for delegated authority in terms of restricting to a maximum of nine dwellings, with seven at the “bottom” site and two at the “top” site.


The Senior Planning Officer, BG noted the two areas within the application site, just outside of the settlement boundary, close to the A19 dual carriageway.  He explained that in negotiation with the Applicant the majority of the area of land would be left as open space, with this remaining as a green buffer with the A19.  Members noted some unused agricultural buildings located on the lower site that would be removed as part of the development.  He added that the smaller site represented a logical extension to the row of existing properties.


In relation to statutory consultees, the Senior Planning Officer, BG noted that Easington Parish Council had objected to the application on the grounds of increased traffic and associated problems with access and egress from the site onto the B1285.


Councillor M Wilkes entered the meeting at 1.20pm


Members noted that in relation to noise from the A19 at the reserved matters stage mitigation measures such as triple glazing and acoustic barriers would be sought.  He added there were no objections from internal consultees subject to a contribution in relation to the Durham Coastal Management Plan, noting the Highways Section had noted they felt a safe scheme of access would be achievable at the reserved matters stage.


The Senior Planning Officer, BG noted that there had been six letters of objection in terms of application, with concerns including: impact upon school places; ecology; and residential amenity.  The Officer reiterated that it was felt at the reserved matters stage that all matters relating to highways; landscaping; scale; and residential impact could be adequately met.  He concluded by noting that the application was felt to be in a sustainable location and that therefore the outline application was recommended for approval subject to the s106 Legal Agreement and conditions set out within the report, with the amendments as previously mentioned by the Senior Planning Officer, BG.


The Chairman noted the Applicant was in attendance and was happy to answer any questions from the Committee if required.  He noted no other registered speakers and therefore asked the Committee for their questions and comments.


Councillor M Davinson noted he had attended the site visit earlier in the day and the two parcels of land were as described within the report and he could not see any reason why development would not be a success and moved the recommendation for approval, subject to the amendments as mentioned by the Officer.  He was seconded by Councillor A Laing.







That the application be APPROVED subject to the conditions and s106 Legal Agreement as detailed in the Officer’s report, with the amendments as detailed by the Officer within his presentation.


Councillor D Freeman entered the meeting at 1.30pm




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