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Agenda item

DM/18/02224/FPA - Part of Vacant Warehouse, McIntyre Way, Durham City Retail Park

Insertion of a 1672sq.m mezzanine floor.


The Senior Planning Officer, Colin Harding, gave a detailed presentation on the report relating to the abovementioned planning application, a copy of which had been circulated (for copy see file of minutes).  Members noted that the written report was supplemented by a visual presentation which included photographs of the site.  The application was for the insertion of a 1,672 sq.m mezzanine floor and was recommended for approval, subject to conditions as set out within the report.



The Senior Planning Officer, CH noted the Committee had previously considered applications for the insertion of mezzanine floors at this site, having been approved.  He explained that the changes to the proposed mezzanine configuration were as a result of different potential businesses being associated with the vacant unit over a period of time, each having differing requirements.


It was explained there had been no objections and there were no restrictions in terms of the goods to be sold at the site.  The Senior Planning Officer, CH noted that as policies were not considered to be up-to-date then it was considered to be a NPPF paragraph 11 balance.  He added that the requisite sequential test had been undertaken and the application was felt to be appropriate in that regard. 

Members were reminded of the extant permission in terms of a mezzanine that provided the Applicant with a strong fall-back position, and reiterated that the recommendation was for approval.


The Chairman noted there were no registered speakers and asked the Committee for their comments and questions.


Councillor M Davinson moved the application be approved, he was seconded by Councillor A Laing.




That the application be APPROVED subject to the conditions as detailed in the Officer’s report.


Supporting documents:


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