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Agenda item

Update from Investing in Children


A briefing note on the Care Leavers Week Activities was circulated to Members at the meeting (for copy of report, see file of minutes).


The following update was provided by Investing in Children’s from the Children in Care Council (CICC):


·       On 23 October 2018 young people from the CICC will host a meeting with members of the Corporate Parenting Panel.


·       On 26 October 2018, Investing in Children are hosting a Family Fun Day at the Sjovoll Centre. The aim is to get more people involved in the CICC.


·       Young People continue to delivered training to social work students at Newcastle University, on their experience in care, and to share good practice on including the voice of the child in their practice.


·       Young people have been working with the North East Social Work Alliance to develop an information guide, which will be include the voice of children, young people and their carers. IIC will be involved in this work and will be looking to produce a video too.


·       Young people are applying for a £500 grant from the Key Fund to undertake a range of activities with the CICC.


·       Amber and Ellie are attending foster carer events to encourage families and young people to engage with the CICC.


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