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Agenda item

Development Session with Adopters


Michelle Patrickson, Senior Practitioner, Children and Young People’s Service was in attendance to provide a presentation on the work of her team who work with children who have a plan of performance by the way of adoption or long term fostering ages 0-7 years. They work closely with the Adoption Team and the Full Circle Team to progress plans of adoption for children. They also work alongside the 15 Families First Teams as part of the twin tracking process and write the Child’s Performance Report (for copy of slides, see file of minutes).


Examples of children and young people’s life story books were shared with members of the Panel.


An adoptive parent was also in attendance to share her recent positive experience of adopting with Durham County Council.


Louise Woolfe and Lindsay Craig from the Full Circle Team were in attendance to provide a presentation on the post-trauma therapeutic service for children, young people and their families and carers. The age range was up to 18 years old this was extended to 25 for care leavers and those eligible for Adoption Support Fund (for copy of presentation, see file of minutes).


Councillor Jewell thanked everyone for their contributions and acknowledged that as a member of the adoption panel, it is good to hear positive stories as some of the decisions that have to be made can be very challenging.  Cllr Jewell advised that it is good to see how the services all link in to support families.


Councillor Smith suggested that The Full Service offer should be available for all adoption agencies to offer.


Councillor McKeon asked what percentage of young people need the support of The Full Circle.  Officers advised that a high percentage of complex cases receive support.


The age ranges are split, however there is a peak at approx. age 7, with more boys than girls typically receiving support.


Councillor Grant expressed how good it is for members of the Corporate Parenting Panel to hear what we do as a council, and appreciate the wide range of work being undertaken - was a very powerful presentation.


Councillor Reed has had experience of The Full Circle in her role as a foster carer and praised the excellent service and training received for both carers and the young people.




That the presentations be noted.


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