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Agenda item

Fair Funding - Campaign Activity - Verbal Update of the Office of the Police, Crime and Victims' Commissioner


The Panel received an update from the PCVC on the forthcoming Comprehensive Spending Review and Funding Formula review.


The PCVC informed the Panel that he was grateful for the support of all members for a fairer funding regime for Durham force.  There was a need for additional funding for policing and the Home Secretary was supportive of this view.  The government had not realised the impact that sustained funding cuts had on local policing.


The yield achieved in Durham was the lowest in the country and any funding formula needed to take account of the ability to raise funding through precept.  Surrey force raised 55% of their funding through precept whereas Durham only raised £62,000 from Band H properties.


The PCVC also provided the Panel with details of revisions to pension schemes which would require an additional sum of £417m into police pensions.  While £250m of this would be met by the Treasury, £167m had to be met by the police service, which would equate to £1.67m within Durham.


Mr Cooke informed the Panel that over the years the PCVC had needed to set a budget within funding constraints, constraints which Mr Cooke did not agree with.  Mr Cooke asked what the Panel could do to make representations on police funding.  The PCVC replied that he would be delighted for any support the panel could give on police funding.  Councillor Hovvels informed the PCVC that she would be supportive for a letter from the Panel to be sent to the Police, Crime and Victims’ Commissioner to seek both increased police funding and a fairer funding regime.  Councillor Boyes added that any such representation should be clear that it was from Members across County Durham and Darlington of all political persuasions.  Councillor Scott informed the Panel that she had been supportive of the PCVC previously in lobbying for a fairer funding formula.



(i)            That the update on the Comprehensive Spending Review and Funding Formula review be noted;

(ii)          That the Panel send a letter of support to the Police, Crime and Victims’ Commissioner in support of both increased funding for the police service and a fairer funding regime.


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