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Agenda item

2018/19 Quarter 1 Performance Report - Report of the Office of the Police, Crime and Victims' Commissioner


The Panel received a presentation from the PCVC on the Quarter 1 public performance report which contained key performance data (for copy see file of Minutes).


The PCVC informed the Panel that he had previously presented the quarterly public performance report at the meeting of the Police and Crime Panel.  The report had now changed to reflect the structure of the latest Police, Crime and Victims’ Plan which detailed four outcomes under which sat eight Key Performance Questions (KPQs) and cutting across all of these were twelve priority areas.


This quarter’s report focused on Outcomes 1 and 2 of the Plan and therefore on KPQs 1-4.  The next quarter’s report would focus on Outcomes 3 and 4, KPQs 5-8, and subsequent reports would repeat this pattern.


Reporting on four KPQs each quarter allowed the report greater scope for highlighting a number of indicators for each KPQ and enabled a better quality of analysis by focusing on fewer questions each time.  This would allow a more holistically minded assessment of each key question, and six months between updates also gave time for meaningful movement.


The report would continue to develop as the most suitable information and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) were identified to answer parts of each KPQ in different ways.  Where the report could not satisfactorily answer a question, it would state so and would detail how the Office would go about working to determine fuller answers to a question in a future report.


Councillor Scott referred to levels Anti-Social Behaviour, which despite showing a reduction, still had a public perception of not improving.  There was a need to more fully explain this to the public.


Councillor Brookes asked why Anti-Social Behaviour had increased in the Spennymoor area when every other area had reduced.  The PCVC replied that there had been some issues with young people causing noise outside of the Co-op at Ferryhill and also graffiti at Middlestone Moor.  Councillor Boyes asked whether there were plans to roll out the use of acceptable behaviour contracts to address Anti-Social Behaviour issues.  The PCVC replied there was strong evidence that the use of acceptable behaviour contracts was effective in addressing issues of Anti-Social Behaviour and added that these were used across the force area.


Mr Dodwell referred to the ‘Dot Peen’ Property Marking System mentioned at page 37 of the papers and requested that this be brought to the next PACT meeting.  The PCVC replied that this would not be a problem.


Councillor Scott referred to Community Peer Mentors and asked whether a breakdown of the numbers by area could be provided.  The PCVC replied that he would provide this information.  Councillor Boyes informed the PCVC that the Fire and Rescue Service, when visiting homes to install smoke alarms, identified those who may be vulnerable and asked whether this information was used by the Community Peer Mentors.  The PCVC replied that he would look into this to ensure it did happen.



That the report be noted.

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