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Agenda item

Precept Consultation - Report of the Office of the Police, Crime and Victims' Commissioner


The Panel considered a report of the PCVC which presented the consultation document about the precept for 2019/20 (for copy see file of Minutes).


Councillor Crathorne expressed some concern that earnings were higher down south and therefore the impact of a rise in the precept would be less than in the north where earnings were lower.  She considered that the needs of the public should be considered as well as the needs of the police.  The PCVC replied that last year he had approached the Chancellor about increasing the tax burden for higher banded properties but was told this could not be done.


Mr Dodwell informed the Panel that he sympathised with the PCVC who he considered had no option other than propose his increase in precept.  If he did not do this then there would be a knock-on effect in future years.


The PCVC informed the Panel there was an assumption that precept increases could be pegged at a maximum of 1.98% next year and if this was so then Durham force would have a budget shortfall of £2.9m.  He would continue to argue for a fair funding formula for Durham Constabulary.


Councillor Boyes considered it would be unwise not to introduce the proposed precept increase.



That the intention to consult on the proposed precept be noted

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