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Agenda item

Quarter 2: Forecast of Revenue and Capital Outturn 2018/19


The Committee considered a report of the Corporate Director of Resources, which provided details of the forecast outturn budget for Children and Young People’s Service and highlighted major variances in comparison with the budget, based on the position to the end of quarter two 2018/19 (for copy see file of minutes).


Councillor Patterson referred to major financial pressures on schools and children’s services and the importance of monitoring their budgets.  She referred to school funding and those forecasted to suffer a deficit and queried recovery plans and, those that had a deficit for more than three years thier viability.


The Finance Manager CYPS advised that the School Funding Team worked alongside the Corporate Director of Resources education services to address those schools in deficit and recovery plans may include a change in provision or to academise a school which would write off the deficit, at a cost to the Council.  The Finance Manager advised that schools needed exclusive permission from the 151 Officer (Corporate Director of Resources) should they set a deficit budget and a pointed message was sent to consider whether the school was financially viable.


Councillor Patterson asked if an update could be given on schools in deficit and The Finance Manager advised that he could not confirm a timescale, but would report back to Committee with further information.


The Finance Manager advised that he would provide a response to Councillor Durham following the meeting, with regards to a further breakdown of information regarding the overspend for looked after children.


With regards to the transportation of children in care, Councillor Jewell asked whether the service had considered revising the current operation to ensure best value for services.  The Finance Manager confirmed that consideration was always given to alternative provision and this would continue, but advised that sometimes taxis were less costly than volunteer drivers.  With regards to supervised contact, assistance for public transport was given to parents to actively minimise the cost, but contact issued by the court was not at the discretion of the team and the requirements had to be met.




That the report be noted.

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