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Agenda item

Update from Investing in Children


The following update was provided by Investing in Children:


·         An event is being planned for Care Day on 15 February, to celebrate life in care.  Members wishing to attend should complete the ‘event brite’ booking in the calendar invite.


·         Foster Carer training sessions are continuing and there is now a young person on the fostering panel.


·         Joint working was undertaken with the Young People’s Service, whereby the CiCC provided a drop in session for young people in advance of a Young People’s Service session - this was very successful.


·         Work on Health Passports is progressing.


·         Recent recruits to the CiCC have brought some new ideas and there is an emphasis on bringing new focus to the group.


·         Councillor Smith informed the Panel that a working group meeting will be held in the near future, which will be a joint meeting of the Children and Young People and Safer and Stronger Overview and Scrutiny Committees, to investigate private residential children’s homes.


·         At the meeting on 15 February, the young people are intending to film during their section.  Panel Members are asked to note that filming will take place during the Corporate Parenting Panel meeting on 15 February. 




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