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Agenda item

Consultation on Council Tax Police Precept 2019-20


The Panel considered a report of the Police, Crime and Victims’ Commissioner (PCVC) which provided an update on the process for setting the Policing Precept for 2019-20 and which sought the Panel’s support in doing so (for copy see file of Minutes).


S White, Chief Executive, Office of the PCVC informed the Panel that there had been a 43% increase in consultation responses compared to the previous year with approximately 50% of responses being made on-line.  78.1% of responses were accepting of the proposed precept increase to some degree, with 21.9% of responses being opposed to an increase.


Councillor Knowles moved that the Panel should dismiss consideration of a veto to the PCVC’s proposed precept increase.  This was seconded by Mr Cook.


Councillor Hovvels accepted that the proposed 13% precept increase would be difficult for some residents of County Durham and Darlington but the consultation showed a general feeling of support for the police and the Commissioner.


The Chief Executive, Office of the PCVC provided the Panel with details of the following qualitative responses which had been received to the consultation:

·         the office costs of the PCVC were too high;

·         the role of the PCVC was unnecessary

·         students should not be exempt from the precept

·         bars should be charged more for late night policing

·         the role of the PCSOs should remain


Councillor Hovvels considered that PCSOs were well valued within the community and were a good source of intelligence gathering.  Councillor Knowles asked whether it was the role of the Panel to promote the role of the PCVC so that the public had a better understanding.  The Chief Executive replied that this was not the role of the Panel but was the role of the PCVC and his officers to explain and promote the role of the PCVC.  This would form part of the review of office communications which the Chief Executive would be undertaking.



(i)            That the consultation returns be noted

(ii)          That the proposed 13.24% precept increase be agreed

(iii)         That there be no veto of the PCVC proposal

(iv)         That the Chairman respond to the PCVC and the response be published online.


Supporting documents:


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County Durham
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