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Agenda item

Investment of the Pension Fund's Cash Balances


The Committee considered a report of the Corporate Director of Resources which provided an update regarding the Treasury Management Service provided to the Pension Fund and reviewed the charges for the services and the calculation of interest on short term investments administered by Durham County Council for 2019/20 (for copy see file of Minutes).




That with effect from 1 April 2019:


(a)       the Pension Fund continues to invest its cash balances with the Council in line with the Council’s Treasury Management Strategy;


(b)       interest be paid quarterly to the Pension Fund at a rate based on the daily cash balance and the 3 month rate of return earned by the Council on its own short term investments;


(c)       an administration fee of £2,650 per quarter be paid to the Council for Treasury Management services; and


(d)       in the event of the loss of an investment, the Pension Fund will bear the loss in proportion of the value of cash balances held at the time of the investment with Durham County Council.



Supporting documents:


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