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DM/18/02267/FPA - Site of Former Chamberlain Phipps Coatings, Catkin Way, Bishop Auckland

Erection of 75 dwellings (resubmission of DM/17/00466/FPA)


The Committee considered a report of the Senior Planning Officer regarding an application for the erection of 75 dwellings (resubmission of DM/17/00466/FPA) on the site of the former Chamberlain Phipps Coatings, Catkin Way, Bishop Auckland (for copy see file of Minutes).


L Eden, Senior Planning Officer gave a detailed presentation of the application which included a site location plan, aerial photograph, site photographs, proposed layout plan and elevations.


Councillor Tucker asked whether there were any definite plans for highways mitigation, expressing concern at the current level of traffic congestion at the Greenfield Road junction.


D Smith, Principal DM Engineer replied that highways needed to secure s106 money to upgrade to this junction, which was known to be at saturation levels.


Councillor Brown asked whether this was the same application as was refused by Members in 2018 and was currently going through the appeals process.  The Senior Planning Officer replied this was essentially the same application but that a revised transport assessment had been submitted which now met the required highways contribution.


Councillor Atkinson referred to paragraph 133 of the report which stated that the application failed to take opportunities to mitigate the impacts to or enhance existing public rights of way and access.  The Senior Planning Officer replied that the application brought with it a number of adverse impacts which normally would be expected to be mitigated, however the applicant had put forward a viability argument which had been assessed by officers which demonstrated that the applicant would not be able to make contributions other than the proposed £241,000 highways contribution.


Councillor Richardson informed the Committee that he was in favour of highways improvements at Tindale Crossing and that he would support approval of this application, with some reservations.


Moved by Councillor Atkinson, Seconded by Councillor Tucker and




That the application be approved subject to the completion of a Section 106 Legal Agreement to secure the following:

·         £241,000 for offsite highway mitigation works and;

·         the Conditions contained in the report.


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