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Agenda item

Membership of the Joint Committee


The Clerk to the Joint Committee, S Grigor asked the Committee to note five changes from the previous year, with Councillor A Hopgood returning to the Joint Committee and Councillor A Simpson a new Member, both representatives from Durham County Council.


It was explained that the three representatives for Spennymoor Town Council were Councillors N Foster, B McAloon and C Sproat, and it was noted Councillor N Foster returned to the Joint Committee having previously been a Member representing the County Council.


The Membership for the Joint Committee was confirmed as:


Durham County Council:          D Bell, J Blakey, D Brown, J Chaplow,

                                                K Corrigan, A Hopgood, P Jopling,

B Kellett, H Liddle, S Quinn, A Simpson

and J Stephenson


Spennymoor Town Council:     N Foster, B McAloon and C Sproat




That the change in the Membership of the Central Durham Crematorium Joint Committee be noted.



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