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Agenda item

Financial Monitoring Report - Position at 31/08/19, with Projected Revenue and Capital Outturn at 31/03/20

Joint Report of the Corporate Director of Regeneration and Local Services and the Corporate Director of Resources / Treasurer to the Joint Committee.



The Head of Finance and Transactional Services referred Members to Financial Monitoring Report, as set out in the usual format, for the period to 31 August 2019 and with projected outturn to 31 March 2020 (for copy see file of minutes).


The Joint Committee noted that there was a projected revenue outturn surplus of £55,713 more than the budgeted position, with the reasons for the major variances set out in detail within the report. 


It was added that this would be transferred to the Major Capital Works reserve for future use in terms of issues identified within the SAMP and for the eventual replacement of the cremators.  It was added the contribution to earmarked reserves was less that originally budgeted, with the main reason being a number of capital schemes having been carried forward from the previous year.


Members noted a projected total reserve of approximately £1.8 Million at the year-end, giving a strong financial position.




That the April to August 2019 Financial Monitoring Report and associated provision revenue and capital outturn positions at 31 March 2020, including the projected year end position with regards to the reserves and balances of the Joint Committee, be noted.


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