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Agenda item

DM/19/01992/FPA - The Crest, Beamishburn Road, Beamish, Stanley, DH9 0LR

Demolition of existing garage and the erection of two 3 bed semi-detached dwellings (re-submission of application DM/17/03634/FPA)


The Committee considered a report of the Planning Officer which consisted of a planning application to demolish an existing garage and the erection of two 3 bed semi-detached dwellings (re-submission of application DM/17/03634/FPA) (for copy see file of minutes). 


The Principal Planning Officer informed the committee that the application had been deferred from the North planning committee that was held in September 2019 as a more recent speed survey had been requested and members had asked for a representative from the Landscape Team to attend committee.  She updated the committee with the results of the speed survey that showed that the daily traffic flow had decreased since the 2008 survey and there had been a marginal increase in the speed of the traffic by 1mph. 


The Principal Planning Officer noted that highways had also looked at the significance of the footpath in the area.  She explained that as no accidents had been recorded it was deemed that a footpath was not necessary. She clarified that there is landscaping between the application site and the South Causey Inn which is out of the applicant’s control. She recommended that the landscaping condition would mitigate against the impact of the loss of trees which would occur as part of the development.


The Principal Planning Officer had relayed the results of the updated speed survey to Mr Kennedy, a local resident who had attended the September meeting as an objector to the application.  She noted that in response Mr Kennedy was shocked at the results and thought the reduction in vehicles on the road was incredible.  She clarified that the principle of the planning application had been accepted with the design and scale of the development being in keeping with the other properties in the area and therefore the application should be approved.


Councillor Thompson entered the meeting.


The Chair thanked the Principal Planning Officer for her presentation and as there were no speakers asked the committee for their questions and comments.


Councillor Martin noted that the planning application had been to committee on three occasions and it was clear the committee were not keen on it.  He sensed that the Committee had exhausted their reasons for refusal.  He proposed to accept the application even though he did not wish to. 


Councillor Jewell asked Councillor Thompson who had missed part of the presentation from the Principal Planning Officer if he had heard enough information on the planning application to allow him to participate in the discussion.  Councillor Thompson confirmed that he was able to contribute to discussions.


Councillor Wilson admitted that he was unable to attend the meeting in September when the application was heard for the second time but from the report could see that all issues had been addressed and would accept the application.


Councillor Martin proposed approval of the application seconded by Councillor Wilson.


Upon a vote it was unanimously



That the application be APPROVED subject to the conditions contained in the report.


Councillor Wilson left the meeting.


Supporting documents:


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