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Agenda item

Independent Reviewing Officer: Looked After Children and Child Protection Annual Reports 2018/19


The Chair welcomed Sharon Davey, Operations Manager, who presented the Independent Reviewing Officer (IRO) Looked After Children and Child Protection Annual Reports 2018/19 (for copy see file of minutes).


The Operations Manager explained the dual function of Independent Reviewing Officers (IROs) to chair looked after reviews and child protection conferences and  the challenges posed by the increase in the number of looked after children.  The Panel noted that IROs have a duty to raise concerns with Service Managers, through the Dispute Resolution Process, if it is considered that a child’s care plan is not progressing as it should.  IROs participate in the Children in Care Council meetings and they have produced an IRO profile to provide information and enhance the relationship between the young person and their IRO.


The Operations Manager clarified that the second diagram on page 2 of the Looked After Children Annual Report Summary showed the total number of looked after children throughout 2017/18 and 2018/19.




That the reports be noted.


Supporting documents:


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