Agenda item

Such other business as, in the opinion of the Chair of the meeting, is of sufficient urgency to warrant consideration.


The Chair took the opportunity to thank all officers and members involved in the Corporate Parenting Panel as he was to stand-down at the forthcoming election.  Having been a member of the Panel for 8 years, he commented that he had found it a very enjoyable experience and he had been pleased to be a part of the progress made, with all those involved sharing the common goal of having children’s best interests at heart.  He added that he was particularly heartened to see the increasing participation of the children and young people, as their views are essential to inform the work of the Panel.


The Chair also conveyed thanks to all members who would be stepping down at the election including Vice-Chair, Councillor Heather Smith who had asked him to pass on her good wishes.  He also thanked Councillor Jude Considine who had been a very active member of the Panel.


The Head of Children’s Social Care thanked the Chair and Vice-Chair for all their support to officers and more importantly for their support to the children and young people. She added their commitment had been very much appreciated, particularly during the pandemic, with regular meetings being held throughout, which had resulted in significant progress being made.


The Senior Partnerships Officer read out a message from the Portfolio Holder for Children and Young People, Councillor Gunn, thanking all members for their commitment, particularly the Chair and Vice-Chair for their strong leadership, especially during the restrictions of the pandemic. Councillor Gunn expressed gratitude to all the officers involved and concluded by thanking the young people of the Children in Care Council for their strength and creativity.