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Climate Change Emergency Response Plan - Report of Interim Corporate Director of Regeneration and Local Services


The Cabinet considered a report of the Interim Corporate Director of Regeneration and Local Services which sought approval of the Climate Change Emergency Action Plan (2020-22) (for copy see file of minutes).


Members conveyed their thanks to everyone who had taken time to engage in consultation to develop a Plan which could secure grants to a total of £50m for investments towards tackling climate change. 


Members invited Councillor Clare, Council Climate Change Champion to present the Plan, and the actions and priorities to tackle both the Council’s and County Durham’s contribution to climate change, which were informed by feedback from the 2019 Climate Emergency consultation. In presenting the Plan Councillor Clare applauded the work of Cabinet members and officers.


Members welcomed the report. The response to the consultation demonstrated that the County’s residents not only supported the Plan but wanted to be actively involved in taking it forward, and it was pleasing that the importance of engaging with young people had been reflected.


The point was made that the Government did not recognise County Durham as a rural County which was reflected in the levels of grant funding. The Government would be lobbied to ensure that the positive contribution that the rural areas of County Durham made in terms of climate change was recognised in national climate emergency plans. 




That the recommendations in the report be approved.


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