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2019/20 Final Outturn for the General Fund and Collection Fund - Report of Corporate Director of Resources


The Cabinet considered a report of the Corporate Director of Resources which provided information on the:


(a)       final revenue and capital outturn for the General Fund for 2019/20;


(b)       final outturn for the Council’s Council Tax and Business Rates Collection Fund for 2019/20;


(c)       use of and contributions to earmarked, cash limit and general reserves in year and the closing position regarding balances held at 31 March 2020.


(for copy see file of minutes).


Councillor J Shuttleworth asked why there had been a necessity to draw down £0.612m from the winter maintenance reserve, to offset an in-year overspend, during one of the mildest winters for some years.  Councillor Stephens, Portfolio Holder for Neighbourhoods and Local Services,  explained the provision of winter maintenance was a statutory obligation. The cost of the service was driven by the weather and delivered in accordance with the winter maintenance policy. 

Although the perception of the winter season was that it was mild, winter maintenance activity actually increased by approximately 25% over that of the previous winter - 2018/19 - operating under the same policy.  The revenue budget for winter maintenance was supported by earmarked reserves to balance out pressures across winter seasons of varying activity.


Councillor Napier, Deputy Leader, commented that the revenue outturn position for 2019-20 was showing a small overspend demonstrating that maintaining spending within budget was becoming increasingly more difficult, with pressure from ten years of austerity.  Cabinet noted the capital programme had been well managed and the position for business rates and council tax was positive during 2019-20.  This will be monitored closely during the current financial year, with the impact of Covid-19.  Cabinet thanked all those staff who had worked hard to ensure a positive financial position.  The Deputy Leader urged all members of the Council to join him in seeking a fair funding settlement, based on need.


The Chair extended his thanks to finance staff for the preparation of the annual accounts and to all staff across the council for their efforts to meet targets in increasingly challenging circumstances.  He added it is likely that the 2020 budget will be even more challenging and this will be monitored closely in the months ahead.




That the recommendations in the report be approved.



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