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Agenda item



In relation to the minutes from 1 July 2020, Application 5b - DM/19/03567/MIN and DM/19/03569/VOCMW - Land to the west of Bradley Surface Mine, Leadgate, Consett, DH8 6RS Councillor A Shield wished to note for the record that subsequent to the meeting he had met with Mr L Stokes from Banks and it had been clarified that the potential tonnage, in respect of coal generated by the site, would be nowhere near as much as the 520,000 as set out at paragraph 1 the Officer’s report.  He added that the Officer had responded to say the 520,000 was an estimate based upon ground investigations and that the final amount could be more or less than the old workings.  He highlighted that, whatever the final tonnage, it would equate to less than 10p per tonne from the Bradley Site. 


The Chair asked if the Solicitor – Planning and Development, Neil Carter could comment as this referred to the report and the minutes were a record of the meeting itself.  Councillor A Shield explained he was not asking for the minutes to be changed, rather the information to be noted by the Committee.  The Solicitor – Planning and Development noted the minutes were a record of meeting and would not be altered in that respect, he thanked Councillor A Shield for his comments and the information would be noted. 


Councillor M Wilkes noted that last sentence on page 39 of the agenda pack should be amended to accurately reflect what he had said:


However, he noted the NPPF requires that the national benefit be considered and therefore it was necessary to consider whether digging 100,000 tonnes of coal and fireclay was in the national interest”.  


Subject to the amendment from Councillor M Wilkes, the minutes of the meeting held on 1 July 2020 were confirmed as a correct record by the Committee and would be signed by the Chair.


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