Agenda item

Consideration of the Ongoing Suitability of a Hackney Carriage Driver


The Chair welcomed the Licence Holder to the meeting and introductions were made.


The Sub-Committee considered the report of the Corporate Director of Neighbourhoods and Climate Change to determine the ongoing suitability of the Licence Holder to continue to be licensed as a Hackney Carriage Driver (for copy of report, see file of Minutes).


The Licensing Enforcement Officer presented the report and Members and the Licence Holder were given the opportunity to ask questions of the Officer.


The Licence Holder was invited to address the Sub-Committee and responded to questions from Members and Officers.


After all parties had been given the opportunity of make a closing statement, the Licence Holder was advised that Members of the Sub-Committee would retire to deliberate the application in private and the Licence Holder would be notified of their decision later in the day.


The Sub-Committee retired to deliberate the application in private at 11.00 am.


Resolved: That the Licence Holder be given a three-month written warning.