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Agenda item

Performance Management 2020/2021 Quarter One - Report of Corporate Director of Resources


The Committee considered the report of the Corporate Director of Resources that presented the progress towards achieving the key outcomes of the Council’s corporate performance framework (for copy of report, see file of minutes).


The Corporate Scrutiny and Strategy Manager was in attendance to present the report.


During quarter one there were 302 reports of bonfires recorded which is an increase of 175% on the same period last year. Most reports occurred in April and related to garden fires and smoke. During the same period there were 731 reports of untidy gardens which is a 27% reduction on the same period last year.


Members were advised that performance data for carbon emissions in the report related to 2018/19 data which was before the council declared its climate emergency and provided members with the 2019/20 figures that showed a 51% reduction in carbon emissions. This had enabled the council to set a new carbon emissions target of 70% reduction for carbon emissions for 2025.


Members were also provided with up to date figures for highway maintenance that showed A Roads as 3%, B roads 3.3% and C roads 2.3% and footpaths 20.9% and advised that the figures were updated following the Transport Asset Management Plan (TAMP) which was expected to be published soon.


Councillor Crute referred to highway maintenance and asked in relation to data for footpaths maintenance for further information regarding the percentage of footpaths requiring maintenance and where they were located. Residents were being encouraged to get out more, so the council needed to ensure that the links between communities were safe and accessible.


The Officer confirmed that he would obtain some further in-depth data on footpaths as the data provided was a global figure for the whole county and a much greater level of detail could be obtained.


Resolved: That the contents of the report be noted.

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