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Agenda item

Book of Remembrance


The Chair noted Councillor A Hopgood wished to raise an issue and asked her to speak.


Councillor A Hopgood thanked the Chair and noted her thanks to the Bereavement Services Manager and Registrar and all the Crematorium staff for their hard work.  She explained she had received a query from a resident in respect of a lack of access to the physical Book of Remembrance at the Crematorium.  She noted March would mark the anniversary of the first deaths from COVID-19 and that access to the Book of Remembrance would be important for families.  She noted access to the book had not been permitted for several months and asked if a facility in terms of safe appointments, with appropriate cleaning, could be instigated.  She added budgets could be looked at and additional staff/costs taken into account so that the Crematorium could do all it could to help those that had lost loved ones.


The Chair noted that access to the physical book had been as a result of Government guidelines and there was the option in terms of the online Book of Remembrance.


The Bereavement Services Manager and Registrar reiterated as regards staffing levels and noted the schedule in terms of deep cleaning for the Crematorium. 

He added he would look at options and report back if Members wished.  Councillor A Hopgood noted she felt it was an important issue and that the increased revenue could be used to look to have a system in place as soon as possible.  The Chair noted he, along with the Vice-Chair, would work with the Bereavement Services Manager and Registrar in terms of progressing the issue.



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