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Agenda item

Risk Register Update 2020/21 - 2


The Finance Manager, Neighbourhoods and Climate Change asked Members to note the Risk Register Update 2020/21 report, the Joint Committee considering updates on a six-monthly basis. 


Members were reminded that the report set out service risk register and the health and safety risk register, with risks being regularly reviewed by the Durham County Council Risk Management Team, in conjunction with the Bereavement Services Manager and Registrar, in line with Council methodology.


The Finance Manager, Neighbourhoods and Climate Change noted the description of the managing excess deaths risk had been

changed to better reflect the nature of the risk to “demand for

cremations may exceed capacity”.  He noted that while the past twelve to fifteen months had been extremely challenging, controls had been effective, and the risk had not materialised.  It was added there was still potential

for a third wave of COVID-19 and therefore the risk would be kept under review and the net impact has been uprated from minor to moderate.


The Finance Manager, Neighbourhoods and Climate Change noted one new risk had been added to the register relating to COVID-19: "Non-compliance with coronavirus regulations by members of the public, leading to a local outbreak and capacity issues in deaths management services".  He noted the service had worked to mitigate the risk in terms of clear explanation of the rules and limiting the number of mourners, with Funeral Directors assisting by issuing instructions and guidance to their clients. The net evaluation was a moderate impact with an unlikely occurrence, to be reviewed on an ongoing basis.


The Finance Manager, Neighbourhoods and Climate Change concluded by noting the details of risk registers were set out within the appendices to the report.




That the updated position in relation to the Risk Register be noted.


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