Agenda item

Proud Moments


Claire Morris, Strategic Manager for Children Looked After Resources, spoke to the Panel about one young person who had informed her that she had created some posters and leaflets which had won a competition.  The young person had been grateful for the opportunity to identify her talent and she shared her thoughts about the praise she had received and how much this had increased her confidence, improved her schooling and relationships and had also led her to decide to pursue art as a future career. Members commended the young person on her achievement, acknowledging her effort and they paid tribute to the service for their support.


On behalf of the Head of Early Help, Inclusion and Vulnerable Children, the Senior Partnerships Officer stated that she would circulate a very positive article published in Children and Young People Now, about Aycliffe Young People’s Centre to the Panel.  The Panel noted the last full Ofsted Inspection of the Centre in 2019 resulted in the achievement of outstanding in all areas and an assurance visit which took place in November 2020, found high standards had been maintained.  The Head of Children’s Social Care updated members that Ofsted had paid a further visit to Aycliffe Centre within recent weeks and whilst the published report is awaited, the initial feedback is very positive.  The Chair praised the continued excellent work at the Centre.