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Agenda item

To elect a Chairman for the ensuing year


Moved by Councillor Hovvels, Seconded by Councillor Gunn that Councillor Miller be elected Chair for the ensuing year.


Moved by Councillor Shield, Seconded by Councillor McDonnell that Councillor Stelling be elected Chair for the ensuing year.


A roll call of Members was then taken as follows:


For Councillor Miller


Councillors Adam, Adcock-Forster, Andrews, J Atkinson, P Atkinson, A Batey, K Batey, Binney, Boyes, Chaplow, Charlton-Lainé, Crute, Deinali, Earley, Fenwick, Fletcher, Griffiths, Gunn, Hall, Hampson, Hanson, Henig, Higgins, Hovvels, Johnson, Kay, Kellett, Kennedy, Manchester, Marshall, McKenna, McKeon, McLean, McMahon, Miller, Mulholland, Nicholls, Pringle, Purvis, S Quinn, I Roberts, Shaw, Smith, Surtees, Taylor, Tinsley, Townsend, Varty, Waldock, M Wilson, S Wilson, Wood and Yorke.


For Councillor Stelling


Councillors Abley, Avery, Bainbridge, A Bell, C Bell, R Bell, Blakey, D Brown, L Brown, Cairns, Charlton, Cochrane, Cosslett, Coult, Currah, Duffy, Elmer, Fantarrow-Darby, Freeman, Hawley, Henderson, Holmes, Hood, Hopgood, Howarth, Howey, Hunt, Hutchinson, Jackson, Jones, Jopling, Lines, Maddison, Martin, E Mavin, L Mavin, McAloon, McDonnell, McGaun, Moist, Molloy, Nicholson, Oliver, Ormerod, Peeke, Potts, J Quinn, Reed, Richardson, M-I Roberts, Robinson, Robson, Rooney, Rowlandson, Scott, Sexton, Shield, Shuttleworth, Simmons, Simpson, Stead, Stelling, Sterling, Stoker, Stubbs, Sutton-Lloyd, Walton, Watson, Wilkes and Zair.


There were no abstentions.



That Councillor W Stelling be elected to the Office of Chairman of the Council for the ensuing year.


Councillor W Stelling subscribed the Statutory Declaration accepting the Office.


Councillor Corrigan vacated the Chair.


Councillor W Stelling in the Chair


In accepting the Office of Chairman of the Council Councillor Stelling informed Council that it would be an honour and privilege to carry out such a role.


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