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Agenda item

To elect a Vice-Chairman for the ensuing year


Moved by Councillor R Bell, Seconded by Councillor Rowlandson that Councillor Bainbridge be elected Vice-Chair for the ensuing year.


Moved by Councillor Marshall, Seconded by Councillor Crute that Councillor S Quinn be elected Vice-Chair for the ensuing year.


A roll call of Members was then taken as follows:


For Councillor Bainbridge


Councillors Abley, Avery, Bainbridge, A Bell, C Bell, R Bell, Blakey, D Brown, L Brown, Cairns, Charlton, Cochrane, Cosslett, Coult, Currah, Duffy, Elmer, Fantarrow-Darby, Freeman, Hawley, Henderson, Holmes, Hood, Hopgood, Howarth, Howey, Hunt, Hutchinson, Jackson, Jones, Jopling, Lines, Maddison, Martin, E Mavin, L Mavin, McAloon, McDonnell, McGaun, Moist, Molloy, Nicholson, Oliver, Ormerod, Peeke, Potts, J Quinn, Reed, Richardson, M-I Roberts, Robinson, Robson, Rooney, Rowlandson, Scott, Sexton, Shield, Shuttleworth, Simmons, Simpson, Stead, Stelling, Sterling, Stoker, Stubbs, Sutton-Lloyd, Walton, Watson, Wilkes and Zair.



For Councillor S Quinn


Councillors Adam, Adcock-Forster, Andrews, J Atkinson, P Atkinson, A Batey, K Batey, Binney, Boyes, Chaplow, Charlton-Lainé, Crute, Deinali, Earley, Fenwick, Fletcher, Griffiths, Gunn, Hall, Hampson, Hanson, Henig, Higgins, Hovvels, Johnson, Kay, Kellett, Kennedy, Manchester, Marshall, McKenna, McKeon, McLean, McMahon, Miller, Mulholland, Nicholls, Pringle, Purvis, S Quinn, I Roberts, Shaw, Smith, Surtees, Taylor, Tinsley, Townsend, Varty, Waldock, M Wilson, S Wilson, Wood and Yorke.


There were no abstentions.



That Councillor B Bainbridge be elected to the Office of Vice-Chairman of the Council for the ensuing year.


Councillor Bainbridge subscribed the Statutory Declaration accepting the Office.


In accepting the Office of Vice-Chairman of the Council Councillor Bainbridge informed Council that it would be an honour and privilege to carry out such a role.


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