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Agenda item

To elect the Leader of the Council


Moved by Councillor Shuttleworth, Seconded by Councillor R Bell that Councillor A Hopgood be elected Leader of the Council.


Moved by Councillor Crute, Seconded by Councillor S WIlson that Councillor C Marshall be elected Leader of the Council.


A roll call of Members was then taken as follows:


Councillor A Hopgood


Councillors Abley, Avery, Bainbridge, A Bell, C Bell, R Bell, Blakey, D Brown, L Brown, Cairns, Charlton, Cochrane, Cosslett, Coult, Currah, Duffy, Elmer, Fantarrow-Darby, Freeman, Hawley, Henderson, Holmes, Hood, Hopgood, Howarth, Howey, Hunt, Hutchinson, Jackson, Jones, Jopling, Lines, Maddison, Martin, E Mavin, L Mavin, McAloon, McDonnell, McGaun, Moist, Molloy, Nicholson, Oliver, Ormerod, Peeke, Potts, J Quinn, Reed, Richardson, M-I Roberts, Robinson, Robson, Rooney, Rowlandson, Scott, Sexton, Shield, Shuttleworth, Simmons, Simpson, Stead, Stelling, Sterling, Stoker, Stubbs, Sutton-Lloyd, Walton, Watson, Wilkes and Zair.


For Councillor C Marshall


Councillors Adam, Adcock-Forster, Andrews, J Atkinson, P Atkinson, A Batey, K Batey, Binney, Boyes, Chaplow, Charlton-Lainé, Crute, Deinali, Earley, Fenwick, Fletcher, Griffiths, Gunn, Hall, Hampson, Hanson, Henig, Higgins, Hovvels, Johnson, Kay, Kellett, Kennedy, Manchester, Marshall, McKenna, McKeon, McLean, McMahon, Miller, Mulholland, Nicholls, Pringle, Purvis, S Quinn, I Roberts, Shaw, Smith, Surtees, Taylor, Tinsley, Townsend, Varty, Waldock, M Wilson, S Wilson, Wood and Yorke.


There were no abstentions.



That Councillor A Hopgood be elected Leader of the Council.


Councillor Hopgood informed Council that the County Council was entering a new era, having elected a non-Labour Leader and its first female Leader.


Councillor Marshall, on behalf of the Labour Group, congratulated Councillor Hopgood on her election and hoped all Members could work together in the best interests of County Durham.


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