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Agenda item

Motions on Notice

Motion by Councillor F Tinsley


The Coronavirus (COVID-19): health, care and volunteer workers parking pass has been available to those at the forefront of our fight against the pandemic. This pass provides evidence of entitlement to free parking for those on duty as an NHS staff member, health or social care worker, or NHS Volunteer Responder. This is to enable them to access parking concessions in local authority-owned off-street car parks and on-street bays.


Following the publication of the government’s roadmap for lifting COVID-19 restrictions, a decision has been taken by government to withdraw the emergency parking pass guidance by 21 June 2021.


This Council resolves to continue and fund the Coronavirus (COVID-19): health, care and volunteer workers parking pass in County Durham for period of 1 year from 23 June 2021.  The fight against this terrible disease continues and those in our health and care sector deserve our continued support. Continuation of the pass will assist those who have worked so incredibly hard to save lives.  They do not deserve the financial burden of now having to pay for parking when their crucially important work continues against Coronavirus (COVID-19).


Motion by Councillor K Earley


This council undertakes to provide  (through the deployment of finance from reserves) support for an energy partnership to provide a clean and green energy solution, capable of servicing the new community hospital and other developments on the former Consett Steelworks; which following  consultation can demonstrate the support of the local community.


Motion by Councillor O Gunn


Durham County Council notes that:


On 2nd June the Government published its plans for education recovery after the pandemic. Sir Kevan Collins, appointed by the Prime Minister as the Government’s Education Recovery Commissioner had judged that some £15bn was needed to repair the damage done to the nation’s pupils because of Covid. The Government’s offer of £1.4bn falls far short and is inadequate. In his resignation letter Sir Kevan Collins stated, ‘I do not believe it is credible that a successful recovery can be achieved with a programme of support of this size’.


The Education Policy Institute have calculated that £1.4b amounts to £50 per pupil per year. This contrasts with £1,600 per pupil in the USA and £2,500 per pupil in the Netherlands. It means that the total funding committed to education recovery so far amounts to £310 per pupil over 3 years. If Government is committed to a high standard of education for all children regardless of ability to pay then £50 per pupil is simply not enough. The promise of providing increased funds later is a promise too late.  Parents and school staff deserve an immediate strong financial commitment that supports high standards and strong mental health for all children and young people.


Furthermore, the Secretary of State for Education has allowed change to the census used to calculate Pupil Premium funding for the most disadvantaged pupils. This means that £150 million is being taken away from young people and schools most in need at a time when they most need it.


Durham County Council resolves:


To write to the Prime Minister and call on the Government to:


1.    demonstrate its ambition for our children and young people and give our education system the resources they need to ensure that no child is left behind;


2.    recognise that areas of the country with children who are most disadvantaged, like County Durham and the whole of the North East Region, should be given the highest priority and immediate increased financial investment.


Motion by Councillor R Yorke


This Council believes that the people of West Auckland, St Helen Auckland and Spring Gardens agree a new bypass would bring relief to the residents of Toft Hill, but will not accept the burden of a very significant increase in traffic through West Auckland and resolves that the A688 bypass must be completed from Oakley Service Station roundabout directly to beyond the Sportsmans Inn at Toft Hill. We call upon the County Council to ensure that a full and proper consultation is carried out and that our communities will not be adversely impacted.



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